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Facebook is testing a new WhatsApp button in its main app


Facebook is testing a new WhatsApp button in its main app: we all know about Facebook. In today’s world everyone is using Facebook. Facebook is very famous social networking sites among us. In the coming time, we will see the fascination of Facebook and WhatsApp. It’s been revealed that this social media company is testing new futures one the Facebook app. With the help of this, users will be able to swiftly switch between Facebook and WhatsApp app. The button act like a shortcut, opening WhatsApp without the need to leave the Facebook app.



  • Facebook is testing a new WhatsApp button in its main app
  • It isn’t clear that Facebook plan to roll out this  feature to all users
  • Opening the WhatsApp without the need to leave the Facebook app
Actually, the company has given a new WhatsApp shortcut button in Facebook feed. This shortcut button is only available for selected users on Facebook Android app. In case you were wondering, if you happen to be one of the users in the control group, it should appear at the top, right under your name but chance ate not yet.
The shortcut is currently being tested on the Android version of the app, but it will be available to some IOS users too.
Only a select users who choose the default language as a Danish language can view this features. ChopsNews also tried to check the feature by doing something similar but this feature didn’t come in our test device. It is possible that Facebook has not released this special button for every area.

It is not clear whether users who didn’t have a WhatsApp account, tap on this shortcut then what will happen? It is being speculated that Facebook may have a plan to boost the users base of WhatsApp, because most people is USA and other Western countries don’t use WhatsApp. It is estimated that the company is currently testing in a selected country. Only after seeing the user’s response will it be rolled out to the rest of the country.
Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014. Since then, the company has been using both platforms for the benefit of each other. Last year, the company started using the user’s WhatsApp application for advertising and other purposes. The move invited criticism from the privacy enthusiast who pointed out that WhatsApp had said earlier it would never share any user data with Facebook. More than 1.3 billion people around the world are now using Facebook messenger every month, the company has announced.

This isn’t the first time Facebook has actually tried to integrate one of its app into the other. Earlier, a similar Instagram shortcut button was also spotted testing within the Android version of Facebook app.

There is another interesting news about Facebook is that Facebook is rolling out a new tool for its 201 million Indian users that would make easier for them to donate blood to the needy while connecting blood banks and hospital to wiling donors residing nearby. This is really an amazing feature provided by Facebook and it helps lots of people. It will be starting 1 October on the occasion of National Blood Donor Day.

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