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Top 8 achievements of modi government


Top 8 achievements of Modi government: Hello everyone, thanks for landing on this article. Today, I am gonna tell you top 8 achievements of modi government are changing the Hindustan.On May 26, 2014 Narendra Modi took oath as India’s 14th Prime Minister. Along with the oath, Narendra modi became the first prime minister of India who born after the independence. Narendra  modi has re-inducted India in the list of powerful and important country in the world. This is a result of his hard work.

Top 8 achievements of modi government


1. Entry in MTCR

MTCR stands for Missile Technology Control Regime. Joining India in MTCR was seen as one of the biggest achievements of the Modi government. Now India can buy high end missile technology and run joint program for development on unmanned aerial vehicles with other countries. After this, India left behind China and Pakistan in the Missile force. ISRO can access the forbidden cryogenic technology from Russia which is required for the space exploration operations. The entry into this group shape the future of India.

2. Swachh Bharat Mission

Swachh Bharat Mission (clean India mission) is a campaign by the government of India to keep the street, roads, infrastructure of Cities and town clean. This campaign was officially started by our honorable prime minister Sri Narender modi on mahatma Gandhi’s 145th birth anniversary on 2 October 2014 in Rajghat, news Delhi. This campaign involved the construction of toilet, prompting cleanliness program in rural areas, cleaning of Streets and Roads, changing the country’s infrastructure etc.

3. GST (Goods and service tax) Bill 

GST is a indirect tax which is introduced in India on 1 July 2017. The Narender modi-led government will inaugurate the new indirect tax at the stroke of midnight of June 30 in Parliament. GST going to benefit people below the poverty line. Here are the 10 benefit of GST bill
1. Life get simpler
2. Revenue will get a boost
3. Logistics, inventory costs will fall
4. Investment boost
5. Less developed States get a boost

GST is a major step towards improving the tax structure of India. GST is an indirect tax law. GST is an integrated tax that will look at both goods and services. According to the Constitution, the central and state government may imposed tax on goods and services accordingly. If a company or factory produce its products in one States and sell it in another States, then it is to pay a lot of taxes to both States which increases the price of products. With the introduction of GST, the price of products will be reduced. Due to implementation of GST, there can be an increase of one or two percent in the country’s GDP according to the report by the national council of applied research which is really an amazing development.

4. Digital India

Digital Digital India campaign was launched by the Indian government on July 1, 2015 to convert India into a complete digital country. This is a planned initiative for digitally empowered Indian society through integration of government departments and major companies (national and international level). Dissociation of this country is the main reason for providing all government services on easy access to Indian citizens. There are three main areas of this program:

1. Like the public utility service for the Indian people, there is a digital structure across the country as it will provide fast access to Internet access which will make it easy and fast for all government services. This will provide citizen life, unique, online and authentic digital identity. It will prove to be very effective for any online service such as handling bank accounts, financial management, safe and secure cyber space, education, distance education etc.

2. Digital transmitted services will also encourage people to do business online by making financial transactions easier.

3. This is a big platform that makes it easy for its citizens to effectively and efficient delivery of government and private services across the country.

So it is an amazing achievements of our Honourable prime minister Sri Narendra  Modi for making the India a digital country.

5. Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana

Jan Dhan Yojana has been launched by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on August 28, 2014 for connecting every Indian citizen with bank accounts for the purpose of saving money safely. During the addressing the nation on the Red Fort, on 15th August 2015, he announced the plan. Though it started two weeks later. On the first day of the beginning of the scheme, about 10 million bank accounts were opened which is really an great achievement of Narender modi. In order to bring development to the final level in India, the money-saving scheme is very important which can be started and achieved by making people more aware about the importance of savings money in rural areas.

6. Demonetization

The country has been troubled by the lack of currency since the Modi government closed the old notes of thousand and five hundred on 8th November. The government has said that by December 30, all people will go to the bank and deposit their money. It was also appealed to the people that they minimize the cash and use and pay by digital means. Governments decide for demonetization to ban black money, corruption, fake notes and terrorist activities. It is a best way to fight against corruption.

7. Smart city

Can you imagine a city that is equipped with cameras on every corner of the street, when the pedestrator is present at night, the bulb should be burnt automatically or else it becomes dim, according to sunlight, decrease the lights of the houses. Yes, the smart city project of Modi Government is going to come true.

What are the motives of Smart City?

1. Improve the quality of urban life

2. Providing clean environment

3. Make the transportation system the best

4. Providing housing to all by 2022

According to the 2011 census, about 31 percent population of India’s current population lives in cities and their contribution is 63 percent in the gross domestic product. It is expected that by the year 2030, 40 per cent of India’s population will be in cities and 75 per cent of its contribution to GDP.

8. Make in India

Started by PM Narendra Modi, Make In India is a campaign that facilitates the business in India, making it easy for big business investors from around the world. This program started on September 25, 2014 by PM in Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. This is a major step taken by the Indian government to reduce the level of unemployment being faced by the youth of the country. This campaign was started one day after the Mars mission when Narendra Modi was to visit his first tour of USA in the form of Prime Minister of India. The purpose of this campaign is to make India a world-class powerhouse, which will help in addressing the larger issue of the Indian economy.

So giving an end to the list of “Top 8 achievements of Modi. Hope, you find this article interesting. Feel free to contact and write you view about this topic in below comment box. Stay tuned

Author- Aditya Srivastava




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