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How to improve concentration and memory while studying


How to improve concentration and memory while studying 

Hello everyone this is your favourite news website ‘Chops news’  Today I am going to share some interesting facts about ‘How to improve  concentration and memory while studying’. And friends in this article I am going to share my experimented and personal tips and tricks. And friends I promise you if you follow all the steps of my article it must help you to improve your concentration and memory. So friends must read the article completely



How to improve concentration and memory while studying 

1. Take a proper sleep. 

This is the most important factor for increasing concentration. It reduces our total stress and make us to feel refreshed. Take a proper sleep is very important for improving concentration and memory power. I am going to tell you my story related to this. This is about 1 year ago, i was shifting to different home, so i am very busy in shifting the materials to my new home. So because of this i can’t take a rest properly on that day. I slept only about 2 to 3 hours and next day i have to attend my important classes. So on that classes i can’t understand any topics, because I can’t concentrate on any topics because of improper sleep. The whole day I felt so stressed. And this is a real story friends and if you can’t believe so you can also do practically.first do so many work and sleep only about 2 to 3 hours, if you do this I will promised you your next day was spent with full of stressed. So friends must take a proper sleep about 8 to 9 hours.

2. Meditation. 

Try to practise meditation daily. Because it makes our mind calm and refreshed. Try to practise meditation before your studies. Just like in every School meditation is practised before starting period. If you do meditation 4 to 5 minutes daily then it must improve your concentration and memory power.

3. Keep away all disturbing elements from yourself. 

So friends if you think that you can study and also you can chat with your friends at a same time then you are totally wrong, you never study in such a way. I also try so many times to study with smart phones, but I never got success in it. I Know friends it is so difficult to not using smart phones for 3 or 4 hours, I know that pain. But friends if you wanted to improve your concentration and memory power, then you must have to sacrifice your smart phone. Because of smart phones many students can’t do study today.  And friends if you sacrifice your smart phone, then I will promised you, your grades or marks of school is definitely improved.

4. Make a study routine. 

Friends it is important for every students to make a routine and follow it.  So first you have make a proper study routine, and then you have to stick into the wall of your study room and you have to follow your daily routine, it also helps to build your habit for studying. If you follow your daily routine your concentration power must be improved and your grades or marks definitely improved. I also done this practically,before 5 months of my 10th board exams I also made a study routine and I followed it daily so because of this I got an excellent marks in 10th board exam.

5. Select a proper environment and place for study. 

Never try to study in a noisy place, because noise distracted our mind that results we can not focus or concentrate on any topics. So always try to study in a calm places. The best place for study is Library. Friends library is specially built for studying, library is totally a silent place in which you can study about any topics with your full of concentration and memory power. Books are also provided in library that helps you to increase your knowledge. And friends if you can’t able to go to library, then you have to study in a silent room, and also you have to puts your all books and other usable studying materials on that room, that means I want to say that you have to make a studying environment on that room.

6. Group study. 

At least one time in a month must try to study with your friends group, its benefits is you can get different types of ideas and views and thinking abilities. Through group studies your knowledge is also improved. And friends if you study with your friends group your exam marks or grades is also must be improved.

7. Never tired with practise. 

As we know practise makes a man perfect. So if you practise more and more your concentration and memory power must increases. Your marks and knowledge also increased. So never feared with practise, always try to practise more and more.

8. Never study in front of a television. 

I see many students that they were studying in front of television. so friends if you also study in front of a television then i want to say that friends there is no any types of benefits of that studying. Because no one can focus on their studies in front television, because television distracted our mind because of these we can’t concentrate on our studies. So try to study in your study room.

9. Always try to make a friendship with a good student. 

Friends it is very important to make a friendship with good students. Because if you make friendship with a good student, you will automatically started studying more and more, I observe this that friendship makes many students good and also friendship makes good students very bad. So it is depend on you friends that you wanted to become good or bad.

10. Never give up. 

Friends never give up. Today’s many students frustrated with studies and last they give up, so that’s why they can’t became a successful person, so this is the only difference between the successful person and unsuccessful person. Successful person  never give up and unsuccessful person always give up.  So listen friends we have to focused on our goals. And we have to achieve it.

So I hope you like this article, must follow all the steps of my article it must help you. And for new and interesting article stay tuned with Chops news.

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Ankit Sinha. 



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