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Tips to protect your system from Ransomware


Tips to protect your system from Ransomware: Computer have become an essential part of our lives. We use mostly computer for sending E-mail, watching movies, listening music, or paying online bills. So we should also protect our computer for major threat. Ransomware Attack is a cyber attack in which a malicious software (virus software with virus file) enters someone’s computer via web / internet and locks its entire system. This computer virus is so dangerous that you can not retrieve your data in any way if you do not pay money to unlock your system. Ransomware Attacks are the most viewed in Russia, but now it is spreading slowly throughout the world. Ransomware attacks in India in more than 100 systems this year, but this year the Ransomware Attack took place on 12th May, 2017, in which more than 50,000 computers in the world were attacked. So we are going to share some tips to protect your system from Ransomware. Let’s get started!

Tips to protect your system from Ransomware


Who is safe?

Ransomware Virus has not yet harmed the computers in which Windows XP is being used, though it is a very old window which Microsoft stopped supporting in 2014. If you are using the update version security standards for Windows XP or XP, then there will be no damage. Although the cyber expert says that the use of XP should be stopped immediately.

How can we know that our computer is infected or not?

When you can not access your PC or files and demand a pamphlet of a pop message for access, then understand that your PC is infected with Ransomware.

Are apple and Android safe?

Apple’s computers have not even seen the impact yet. Although Max or iPhone can not be claimed anymore. It is believed that Apple is on target from the way the market share has increased. Android phones are the most vulnerable because most old Android phones are being used in older versions.

Tips to protect your system from Ransomware

Back up your data

Frequently backup data will reduce the risk of losing your essential or important data, information, document, photos, etc. Always keep backups of your data as well as keep it at the backup off site. This is a plan that will help you recover your lost data. But first make sure to restore it, your data is not encrypted.

Updates app and OS regularly

Always keep auto updates on so that when your system is updated instantly, something new. This can be avoided by cyber attack and try to avoid such a virus by installing anti-virus software. It also fix bugs of your computer or system. Moreover, hackers might use software bugs to find a place in your computer. So keep updating your system and yourself it chops news.com

Download music and apps from

Download music and apps from trusted source or site. Do not click links on suspicious emails, and avoid visiting suspicious websites. Ultimately, caution is the greatest security in order to avoid such unfortunate attacks, under which always do not download any unknowingly file while alerting or block any link you do not know.

Use Anti virus

Use Anti virus to protect your System from Ransomware viruses. Scan your computer at regular basis.

Disable SMP

The virus takes entry on your device, which is dependent on the gap in the Windows system, and the gap is present in all versions of Windows.

If you have not updated your Windows or have not installed it, then you should stop the SMP service of your PC immediately.


Keep Windows Firewall On or Use Another Good Firewall to protect your system privacy.

Use strong password

As the Internet and mobile are increasing in your everyday life, a secure password is becoming essential. You should make every effort to keep your password secure. Let’s tell you some solutions. Do not use the same password for more than one website or else all cabinets will open once a lock is broken. Do not use password like 123456, 0000, 2468 or wxyz. Any hacker first tries similar passwords, and many times are also successful. Avoid making friends, children, apartments, favorite football clubs, etc. even to make their own passwords that people can imagine. As long and special characters The password will be, the more secure the password is. Put two characters in the password too in upper case. If you add one or two words to another language in addition to the words and numbers of the English, the password will be more secure. Do not store passwords on paper or phone or computer.

Final word

Right now, it can not be sure that when ransomwaree attacks will stop. But after making these steps, you can help to protect your PC from the dangers of Ransomware. If you have any suggestions regarding Ransomware, feel free to contact us. Write you views in below comment box. Stay tuned

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