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Highest paying government jobs India

Highest paying government jobs India: in today’s world getting government job is very hard. We all want government job because there are so many facilities in government job which make our life comfortable. The jobs mostly entails fixed amount of working hours, stability, security and many more. There are few highest salaried government job in india which can cause anyone drool But this job is not a easy one and it required certain skill set. Here are the list of few highest paid jobs in India for freshers.

Highest paying Government jobs in India

Highest paying government jobs in India
Highest paying government jobs in India


IAS officer


The job of an IAS officer is regarded as most prestigious Job in our country. An IAS officer enjoy good amount of salary, a lot bunch of power and good reputation in society. An IAS officer is allotted to house to live in by the government, the vehicle is provided for official use and minimum salary offered to an IAS officer (Cabinet secretary grade) is 2,50,000 a month and also life time pension with job security.
His estimated salary is as follow:
Basic pay- RS 90,000
D.A-.            RS 96,300
HRA-.           Rs 27,000
T.A-.              RS 5,280
Total: Rs 2,18,580/-
So, It is a great opportunity for every citizen of India to get high rank job but for tgis, we have to work hard.


The public sector units provide their employees with many profit. The best part about PSUs such as coal India limited and Indian oil corporation is that they generated steady revenue.
Coal India Limited (CIL) gives it’s employees nearly 10 lakh per year package.
Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) gives the employees 8-9 lakh per year.



Doctors in India have lucrative career opportunities because medical practitioners are in huge demand. An average salary range for freshers after completion of MBBS degree and internship is INR 10,000 to INR 20,000.However, the salary increases with specialization (post graduation and above) degree, individual skills and work experience.
the young surgeon becomes a Senior Resident or Registrar. His salary would range from about Rs 35,000/- a month in Mumbai to about Rs 70,000/- a month in Delhi (about US$ 7,000/- to 14000 a year). He then either sub-specializes or goes into practice as a General Surgeon and may expect to earn about Rs 1,00,000/- a month. Subspecialists may make much more than this. The highest earning surgeons in the country reportedly make in the region of Rs 1,50,00,000/- a month.




Scientists are primarily employed under the “SC” and “SD” grades depending on their academic qualifications. Both of them are in the Pay Band 3 INR 15600-39100, while the SC scientists are entitled to Grade Pay of INR 5400, the SD scientists earn INR 6600 as Grade Pay.


Government bank job

Banks are just synonymous with money. So really it is a no brainer that bank jobs are really among the highest paying Government jobs in India. People almost assume, if you are in a bank, you have money, and good amount of money that is. Add to that the perks of all those bank holidays, half-days on Saturdays and of course the lowest possible interest rates on Loans, the PF and Gratuity and numerous other retirement benefits. If you want to retire early, well VRS will give you lump sum money, so retire early and also retire with good amount of cash, isn’t that a dream now! Its money, money, money. Banks are indeed among the highest paying Government Jobs in India


Giving an end to the list of highest paying government job in India. Hope you like this article interesting. Comment you valuable views in our comment box. Stay tuned



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