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The French revolution


The French revolution:- The France revolution was an important incident of 18th century which directly or indirectly affect all over the world. This was the revolution of common people against the king of France Louis XVI. This revolution was started in France but soon it become a world Revolution, Seeing the effect of revolution many other country revolted against their king and made themself free.
The main purpose of this revolution was to remove Louis 16 from the post of king and to establish such a government which will think for the people and provide some right to the citizen of France.

The French revolution


The French revolution

Important point

The time period before 1789 was known as old regine.

The slogan or watch what was equality, liberty and fathernity.

Causes of French revolution

A)Social Causes
Order system/estate system
Beofore 1789, the French society was divided into 3 parts and each part was known as ordered or estate. The first state was for clergy (priest). Second was for Nobel and third was for common people. The population of clergy and Nobel together was 10% of total population of France and they hold 90% of total land area. On the other side, the population of common people was 90% and they hold only 10% of land. The wide gap between Noble, clergy and common people arranged them for the Revolution.
Privileges of Noble and clergy

Noble and clergy enjoy a lot of privileges which common people didn’t have. They held 90% of land but didn’t pay any kind of tax. All the taxs were imposed on common people, people had to work for Noble and clergy.

Opperssed Peasontory

The condition of labour and peasants was not too good. In France, at the time of Louis XVI they had to pay about 80% of total earning as a various Taxes and which 20% they had to manage their family even they had to work for Noble and clergy without any cost three day in a week.

Rise of middle class

The group of educated person like doctor, engineer, teachers, and advocate who had property to were known as middle class people. They were educated and also make common people educated. After getting education, common people were able to read and write book of philosopher which was not possible in early time.

Role of philosopher and scholars

Rousseau- he was more Revolutionary than other thinker of French Revolution. According to him “Every man born free but everywhere he is in Chains. By breaking this chain man is capable of achieving freedom”. He wrote a book called the social “contract”.

Montesque- he was one of the most Revolutionary of the French Revolution l. According to him, the power must not be concentrated in the hand of individual otherwise there will be misuse of power. The power must be divided in the form of Legislative, executive and Judiciary. If this occurred. It will form a better form of Government. He wrote a book named “The spirit of laws”.

The tennis court oath

After weeks of argument, the third stage was joined by some member from the first and second estate declared themself as a national assemble. They saw to frame a constitution of France. This action is known as tennis court oath because it took place within a Hall for indoor tennis. Miraber was the leader of 3rd stage.

Main point of universal declaration of human right



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