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earthquakes in california:Was there an earthquake in California today?


earthquakes in california: Earthquake tremors have been felt in the US of North California. 6.9 earthquake tremors were felt near the North Coast. Petrol police have made it clear that there is no harm anywhere due to earthquake.


earthquakes in california
earthquakes in california

Earth quake in California

According to the media report, the earthquake was near the North Coast. The center of the earthquake was near Orignon Border, about 100 miles away from the coast. Severe earthquake tremors were felt at around 6:30 am in the morning.

According to the information so far, there is no news of loss of any kind, however, due to the sharp shock, there was a storm in the streets. The Meteorological Department has denied the tsunami warning.

The people of Southern California are asked to be very alert till Tuesday (October 4) because a big earthquake is likely in the area. The Orange Count Register told Saturday (October 1) that the Governors Office of Emergency Services has issued this consultation. The consultation has been released after the arrival of several small shocks in the depths of the Selton Sea, which is located on the 800-mile long Andrés Fault.

recent earthquakes in california

Kelly Houston, Deputy Director of Disaster Communications, Governors Office of Emergency Services said that such consultation is usually issued once or twice a year. The American Geological Survey said that the latest alert was issued after 142 shocks started coming from Monday near Bombay Beach on the southern tip of the fault. The intensity of these seismic shocks was between 1.4 to 4.3. Scientists estimate that there is a possibility of an earthquake of 7.0 or greater in the southern San Andreas fault. Its maximum probability is till Tuesday.

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