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Good Friday history

Good Friday history:- India is a country in which every kind of people live in every kind of country. Everyone has equal rights in the constitution. People of every caste celebrate their festival with their own method. Good Friday and Easter are very important festivals, the people of the Christian race. With this, Good Friday is made on Friday and Easter Sunday, which is one of the very holy Friday and Sundays for Christian society.


Good Friday 2018
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Good Friday history

Good Friday, there was a day when the tragedy of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and burial took place. It is said that, Jesus, made great hardships and sacrificed himself. Today people follow him and remember his sacrifice, and keep fast for them.

Good Friday Facts

Jesus was crucified for the sake of humanity. Good Friday is a part of the Paschal Triduum. The importance of Good Friday is the same, this sacrifice of God Jesus is kept in mind. And in their memory, the methods sometimes change slightly in the church.people go to church wearing black clothes, candles are not burnt on this day. They remember the God. Someone plantates, someone pray, someone reads a book of God. Apart from this, people dedicate God to the day by doing something.

So, the topic we covers is Good Friday history


Good Friday celebration

Good Friday is a kind of mourning day, it is made in the church on the third afternoon, because, the life of Jesus called, came out around three o’clock. It is made up for three hours in which they are remembered by praying for God.

Now we will give you all the information about Easter through these main points-

Easter Festival History

The history of Easter is very old. This festival is made in the spring. This was started in the eighth century by a scholar, St. Bead. Which is celebrated in the form of that happiness only on the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Easter is a Pagan or Pagan festival, which is celebrated on the first Sunday (Sunday) of spring, along with the spring season. The main symbol of Easter is an egg. In the present, Easter is a symbol of progress, new rejuvenation, new celebration, rebirth, renewal, and people living on earth, and every single creature.
Easter Festival Facts

The fact of Easter is quite exciting in itself. In which everything has its own importance, and its relation is legend. Just as there is a depressed atmosphere, but the atmosphere is welcomed with the spring outside. Similarly Shell represents the grave of Jesus, but flowers of spring represent life after Jesus’ death.

Good Friday quotes

A little bit of smiling is Good Friday
Forgetting the bad day, is a good day of friday
Pray for goodness from god at all times.
Give a smile, have a day of Good Friday!
Good Friday to all of you


We are dust of the feet of lord Jesus
We are lovely flowers for lord Jesus
Decorates garden beautiful by the flowers
Our sins have been adopted by the Lord,
He taught man the lesson of God,
Happy Good Friday 2018…
Good friday good luck !!

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