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Holi essay in English


Holi essay in English:-Holi is a famous festival of colors, which is celebrated with great joy every year in the month of Phagun by the people of India. This is a festival of fun and fun, especially for children who are immersed in the colors of a colorful week before and after Holi. It is celebrated by the people of Hindu religion in the month of March throughout India, especially in North India.

Holi festival essay
Holi essay in English


Holi essay in English

There are many stories and mythological stories behind celebrating Holi in India for years. This festival has its own importance, according to Hindu beliefs, the festival of Holi has long been celebrated since ancient times when Holika sat in the fire and killed herself to kill her brother’s son. At that time there was a king, Hiranyakaship, whose son was Prahlad, and wanted to kill him because he worshiped Lord Vishnu instead of worshiping him. For this reason, Hiranyakaship asked Holika to take Prahlad in his lap and sit in the fire, in which the devotee Prahlad escaped but Holika died.

However, his plan also failed, because he was a devotee of Lord Vishnu, so the Lord protected him. Holika died in conspiracy and Prahlad survived. Since then, people of Hinduism are celebrating this festival. Just before Holi, Holika is a combustion, in which wood, grass and cow dung are used to make the evil of one’s life burn in the fire. During the Holika Combustion, everyone wanders around and wished her good health and success and consumed all her evil in it. There is also a belief in the festival that after massaging the body with mustard, all its diseases and evils are dispelled and along with it the health of the whole year remains intact.

After the next morning of Holika Dahan, people gather together to celebrate the colorful Holi together. Its preparation begins only a week before its arrival, then whether the children and the young people eagerly await it and make a lot of purchases for it. Even even a week before he started playing with his friends, neighbors and loved ones and playing with colorful balloons. On this day, people go to each other’s house and enjoy colorful gulas as well as fun cakes.

Holi festival essay

Holi is an important festival of Indian and Nepalese people celebrated in the spring. According to the Mahavid Panchang, the full moon of Phalgun month is celebrated. This festival, called the festival of colors, is traditionally celebrated for two days. It is celebrated prominently in India and Nepal. This festival is celebrated in many other countries where minority Hindu people live there. On the first day Holika is burnt, which is also known as Holika Dahan. On the second day, which is mainly Dhulendi and Dhurde, Dhukkhel or Dhulvandan, its other names, people throw colors on each other, Abir-Gulul etc., singing Holi songs with drums. It is believed that on Holi, people forget their old bitterness and get hug and they become friends again. The color of each other and coloring plays till noon. After resting after taking a bath, wearing new clothes in the evening, people meet each other at home, sweets and sweets.

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