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golden blood in human body


golden blood in human body: Hello everyone, friends today I am going to tell you one of most interesting things. Yes, today’s topic is golden blood in human body. I know you are thinking,what am I telling you but dear friends, yes it is absolutely right topic. By watching Bollywood or Hollywood movies one thing, you may have also understood that O negative blood is placed in the world’s most rare category, which only gets to a few people. But today we are going to tell you about a blood group, which is kept in the rear category in the world. This blood group was invented in 1952 by a Mumbai-based scientist, due to which it has been named Bombay Blood. At that time the blood group was found only in 40 people in the world.

Golden Blood in human body

Golden Blood in human body images, pictures
Golden Blood in human body

This blood is so rare that it has been recorded near only 40 people all over the world, while 9 people have its donors. Because of this, this blood is also called Golden Blood. According to scientists, our Red Blood Cell contains 342 Antigens. These antigens work together to make antibodies. Determination of any blood group depends on the number of these antigens.

In 1974, a 10-year-old Thomas was admitted to the University Hospital in Geneva, after an infection in the blood, but Thomas’s group blood was not found in the Blood Bank including the hospital, due to which Thomas died. After Thomas’s death, the doctors sent his blood sample to Amsterdam and Paris, where doctors found out that his blood was not only Rh.

Doctors and scientists also often appeal to this time that if you have this blood group, then they definitely get them. Because your blood group can be helpful in their studies, which can lead to the survival of many people in the future.

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