How to get high cpc in Google Adsense: Hello everyone, welcome to chopsnews. Guys, today I am going to discuss on most important topic, which is necessary for every bloggers. If you have a question in you mind that how to get high CPC in Google Adsense, you are at right place. So, without wasting more time, let’s get start

How to get high CPC in Google Adsense
Get high CPC

How to get high cpc in Google Adsense

Bloggers, as we know that, CPC depends upon country. If your website is for USA, UK or any other high cpc Country, you will definitely get high CPC. But if your website is for low CPC country like India, Nepal, Pakistan or any other, you will get low CPC.
But guys, you can also get high CPC from India. Yes, it is true.
CPC is also depends on ads quality. If you have best niche website, you will definitely get high CPC from low CPC country.

High CPC niches

Loan and insurance


Good Ads placement is important to Get high CPC

Guys, make sure, you are using text and picture ads because it gives high CPC. I personally suggest you that always use picture and text ads.

Make sure, you place ads at the footer, side bar and header. It will give you High CPC.

So dear blogger, you are reading ‘How to get high CPC in Google Adsense’. Hope, it help you to get high CPC. If you have any proplem related to high CPC.

So, dear bloggers, Work Hard, Dream Big


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