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Professor Stephen Hawking is dead at 76


Professor Stephen Hawking is dead at 76  :Stephen Hawking, the good British theoretical scientist United Nations agency overcame a debilitating illness to publish wildly in style books inquisitorythe mysteries of the universe, has died, consistent with a family interpreter. He was 76.

Professor Stephen Hawking is dead at 76
Professor Stephen Hawking is dead at 76


Professor Stephen Hawking is dead at 76

Considered by several to be the world’s greatest living man of science, Hawking was conjointly a astronomer, astronomer, scientist and author of various books as well as the landmark “A transient History of your time,” that has oversubscribed over ten million copies.

With fellow scientist Roger Penrose, Hawking incorporated Einstein’s theory of relativity theory with scientific theoryto recommend that house and time would begin with the large Bang and finish in black holes. Hawking conjointlydiscovered that black holes don’t seem to be fully black however emit radiation and can probably eventually evaporate and disappear

Stephen Hawking biography

“I want to live now.” These statements are not of any one of the greatest scientists of the world, Stephen Hawking. Those who told him on the day of his 70th birthday, the world of listening is astonished for a moment. Added Come on, today we know about the inspirational life of this talented scientist.

On January 8, 1942, Stephen William Hawking was born at the Frank and Isabel Hawking couple in Oxford, England; It is noteworthy that the birth date of Stephen Hawking, another great scientist in the world, is the same. Infinite intelligence was full of people who used to chase the people. Hawking was the eldest of his adoptive son and his two sisters for his father Frank. His father was a doctor and mother was a house wife. The wisdom of Stephen Hawking can be traced to the point that people in childhood used to call him “Einstein”.

When Hawking was to be born, his family was in London, but due to World War II, he settled in Oxford, and after 11 years he moved to St. Elizabeth, where Hawking’s early education took place. From childhood, Stefan’s deep interest in mathematics But his father wanted to make him a doctor. Well, due to his lack of mathematics at that time, he started taking forward the study of physics and going forward, Indian scientist ” With the advice of “Jayant Narlikar”, he selected the topic of cosmology by keeping his mathematical subjects in mind. He passed his Oxford University examination for his PhD and started his further studies.

When he was 21 years old, he used to come to his house to accept the holidays, he was descending from the ladder, then he realized the unconsciousness and immediately fell down.He will take them to the doctor. All of them considered him as an incident due to a weakness but repeatedly, he was taken to the big doctor, where he found that he is suffering from an unknown and never-ending illness. Could name neuron mortar Disis is This disease turn body off all limbs putter slowly she finally died of respiratory tract choking even choking patient stops.

Doctors said that Hawking is just a 2 year old guest. But Hawking had made a full hold on his will and he said that I would not be 2 to 20 not to 50 whole years. At that time all the people had given yes to their comfort in order to give them relief, but today the world knows that what Hawking said was done by doing it.

In the middle of his own illness, he married his Ph.D. and married his girlfriend, Jane Wilde; By the time the entire right of Hawking had been spoiled, he used to walk with the stick.

Now Hawking started his scientific career and gradually spread his fame to the whole world. But the second and his body also left with him, gradually his left part also stopped. But they did not pay attention to all these things and gave attention to the world of their science. As the disease progressed, he needed a wheel chair, he was given that too and his chair was technically well equipped.

People went away and lost Hawking’s death. His will power has made him die. In the meantime, Hawking became the father of three children. It can be said that Hawking was physically disabled, not mentally. He took his illness as a boon. He went forward on his way and went to show the world that his will and his intellectual capacity can not be underestimated.

They gave the concept of black hole to the world, they gave the idea of ​​Hawking radiation to the world. And his written book “A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME” televised the world of science around the world.

Date of death: 14 March 2018

Place of death: Cambridge, United Kingdom




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