Top 76 best free responsive blogger template :- Hello everyone, This is Aditya Shrivastava and today i am going to share Top 5 best responsive blogger template. Guys, Template play an important role for making our website attractive and beautiful. It is also important for SEO (Search engine optimisation). let’s explore

Top 76 Best free responsive blogger template

The Funk blogger template

Top 5 best blogger template

The is Funk blogger template is very responsive template and very simple. you can customise it very simply. I got 6-7 Adsense account with this template for many website so it is really fabulous template. It is simple looking free responsive template and look like WordPress design. Download it now

Newspaper blogger template

Top 5 best blogger template

Newspaper blogger template is one of the most unique template it has many features. i look like WordPress theme and people always think it is WordPress website. it make attractive you website. every blogger should use it. i am also using newspaper template for ChopsNews. You can Download it know.

Minima colour 3 blogger template

Top 5 best blogger template

Minima colour 3 is also SEO friendly template. It is one of the best template. Dear bloggers, I was really impressed by this template because i has also used this template for one year and also i am using this template in many website because it is easy to use and it is really SEO friendly template. It makes our website really awesome. You can download this template from here. Download now

Tech Top Template

Top 5 best blogger template

Tech Top Template is also an awesome template for bloggers. It is basically for Technology blogs. You get the idea by listening its name that it is for Technology website. I personally use this template by designing other’s website. because it fells really awesome and i am impressed by its performance so dear bloggers you can also use it. It is also SEO friendly and mobile responsive template. Download it today.

Kitkat blogger template

Top 5 best blogger template

Kitkat is a another beautiful and simple template for bloggers. IT is SEO friendly and mobile responsive template. You can go for it.

So, You are reading now Top 5 best responsive template for blogger. Hope, you find this article interesting. Happy Blogging
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