Top 5 best outdoor games to increase height quickly  : Hello friends thanks for landing on that article. Everyone wants to get taller but as we know 80% of our height depends upon on our gene but rest 20% of our height depends upon on our diet, exercises etc. So in this article i am gonna tell you about ‘Top 5 best outdoor games to increase height quickly. 

Top 5 best outdoor games to increase height quickly

1. Basket ball


Basket ball is a best outdoor games to increase height quickly. Check the height of the professional basketball player, someone is about 6 feet 7 inch, 6 feet 6 inch, 7 feet etc. So the application that works behind it is, when we jump to put the ball into the basket then our backbone gone totally stretched or our body feel pain in every jump because bucket is at very height as compare to our body, so our body try to overcome with this pain, so our body send message to our brain, then brain releases more Height growth hormones which cause our height increase and our body feels more relaxed and less suffered in every jump. So this is the scientific application behind it.


2. Swimming 


It is also one of the best outdoor games to get taller. Check the height of the all swimming player, they all are more than 6 feet. The application that works behind it is, when we swim our total body get stretched and when we swim on a regular basis our height get increased very rapidly.


3. Running. 


Running is also a one of the best exercise to increase height. Everyone should wake up early in the morning and run according to their strength. Friends if you want to be fit and tall then running is very important for you. Running also increases our stamina. So try to run every day in the early morning.


4.  Cycling 


Cycling is also a very effective exercise. Cycling helps to increase your height, also helps in loosing fat from our body. Whenever you ride cycle then you used your total body like from leg you paddle, your hand balance the handle and your body help in moving of cycle, so these cause your whole body got stretched.


5. Skipping 


Skipping is also one of the best outdoor exercise to increase the height. The scientific region behind it is whenever we skip the rope then our body jump so the gravitation of our planet tries to pull us down which cause our backbone got stretched and our height increased. So try to skipping daily at least 100 times.

So thanks friends for reading this article and give your time to this article. I hope this article is informative and helpful for you. And friends if you have any question related to this topic so must ask in a comment box. I also write an article about Top 5 best exercise to lose weight So you can also check this article. And for new articles stay tuned with us.





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