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How to get rid of muscle cramps


How to get rid of muscle cramps : Hello friends thanks for landing on that article. It was about 2 week ago when i suffered from muscle cramp so on that time i didn’t no how to get rid of muscle cramps, and it is really very painful. So i consult with doctors and read so many articles then i find some best useful tips to stop muscle cramp. So today i am going to share that tips with you so friends if you also faces muscle cramps then this article is best for you.


How to get rid of muscle cramps

Causes of muscle cramps

The three major cause of muscle crams are

  1. Dehydration
  2. Lack of exercises
  3. Poor blood flow

So these are the cause of muscle cramps.

Now we need to know about prevention of muscle cramp.

Prevention of muscle cramp

1. Magnesium 

Green leafy vegetables

Lack of magnesium can cause leg cramp. It is an all purpose mineral. So add magnesium into your diet. Sources of magnesium is bananas, green leafy vegetables, yogurt, dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds etc. Magnesium works wonders in finishing the muscle cramps. You can also use oil which contain magnesium. You have to simply massage on your body.


2. Drink lots of water


Plenty of water in our body can cause muscle cramps. So you have to drink 8 to 9 glass of water daily. Water also promote good circulation of blood.

3. Vitamin D 

Sun rays

Get daily dose of Vitamin D is also very important for everyone. If you eat healthy food and drink lots of water but still you have muscle cramps then it means you have a Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is what prompts the body to properly absorb calcium. Without Vitamin D calcium isn’t able to balance fluids in our body. Sources of vitamin D is Sun rays, Seafood.

4. Do stretching exercises 

    Stretching exercises

Benefits of doing stretching exercises is it stimulates blood flow, Which will then transport oxygen and vital nutrients throughout our body. Due to which our body gets all types of minerals and nutritions and protected from muscle cramp.


So friends I hope you all like this article about ‘How to get rid of muscle cramps’. Previously i also wrote an article about Top 5 best hair care routine and Top 5 best summer skin care tips so you can also check this article and for new articles stay tuned with us


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