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Top 5 Best hair care routine


Top 5 Best hair care routine:

Hello friends thanks for landing on that article. As we all know that the main problem among our today’s youngster is hair fall. And we know our personality is totally depended on our hair. So today i am going to tell you about best ‘hair care routine ‘


Top 5 Best hair care routine 


1. Shampooing your hair


Friends it is very important for everyone to Shampooing their hair once or twice in a week. As the temperature of our climate increased day by day which cause more sweat comes from our body and today’s many youngster goes gym which cause much amount of sweat comes from their body so we need to clean that sweat. Because sweat cause hair fall. Everyone wash their body but they forget to wash their scalp which cause a layer of sweat and dust is formed on our scalp which cause hair fall. So if you want healthy hair must shampooing your hair once or twice in a week.


2. Oiling your hair 


Oiling your hair is also very important for everyone. As we know petrol and diesel is very important to run a bike and car so just like this oil is also very important for our healthy hair. Oil nourished our hair. But many peoples doesn’t know how to apply oil. Many people apply oil on their hair so this cause oil doesn’t reached to our scalp. but this is not the correct way, our scalp needs oil because our hai grows from our scalp. So the method of applying hair is firstly apply oil on your hair and then massage your scalp for 30 minutes.  so it cause oil reached to our scalp and nourished it.


3. Always choose a good hair product

Hair products

Friends it is important for everyone that they used a good hair products. But today’s there are so many hair products coming in the market. So the criteria for choosing the best hair product is firstly that hair product must shoots you. It must be easy washable. It must doesn’t contain any ingredients that harm our hair. It must contain all natural and beneficial products that nourish our scalp.


4. Dry your hair gently with towel 

Hair dryer

Friends never ignore this point because small small thing can cause a long breakage. Many peoples after washing their hair they rub their hair very wildly with towel which cause the root of our hair gets weak and cause hair fall. The maximum chances of falling of hair is when our hair is wet. So always dry your hair with towel very gently.


5. Combing your hair daily


It is one of the most important daily routine. Many peoples doesn’t give importance to combing, they manage their hair with their hands but now i am going to tell you about the scientific benefits of combing. When we comb our hair this cause the interaction between our scalp and comb, which cause blood circulation on our scalp and promote the hair growth. So this is the scientific benefits of combing hair daily.


So friends i hope you all like this article about ‘Hair care routine’. Previously i also wrote an article about Top 5 ways to get rid of dark circles so you can also check this article and for new articles stay tuned with us.


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