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Top 5 Best Places to visit in New York


Top 5 Best Places to Visit in New York : Hello friends thanks for landing on that article. As we all know that News York is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Everyone want to in a New York. So today in my article, I am going to tell about ‘Best Places to Visit in New York ‘. 


Top 5 Best Places to Visit in New York 


1. Empire State Building 

Empire State Building

It is a very beautiful place. Here you can see a very tall buildings of about 380m. The Empire State Building was designed by Harmon, Shreve and Lamb. This building was completed in 1931. The name of Empire State Building was derived from the ‘Empire state’ which is the nickname of the New York. So must must go and see that beautiful Empire State Building.


2. Statue of Liberty and Battery Park

Statue of Liberty and Battery Park

I think everyone should hear the name of Statue of Liberty. Statue of liberty is one of the most famous place of the world. This statue is situated in liberty. This great statue was built in 1886. This statue is one of the famous world symbol for getting freedom. The height of this statue from ground level to torch is about 93 meters. This is a world largest statue. So friends if you ever go to New York then never miss Statue of Liberty.


3. Brooklyn Bridge 

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn bridge is one of the most beautiful bridge of the world. It is a hybrid cable bridge. The construction of that bridge was started in 1869 but this bridge take total 14 years in completing. It is one of the oldest roadway bridges in the united state.


4. Times  Square 

Times Square

Times Square garden is a entertainment center and a tour destination. It is an amazing place for visiting. You can take the pictures of that amazing place. It is a major commercial intersection. Times Square is stretches from West 42nd to West 47th streets. It is one of the world most tourist attractive place. About 3 lakh people’s daily passes through Time Square.


5. Central Park 

Central Park

It is one of the best place for visiting in New York. This park is like a playground for a people’s of  New York. This park was created in 1857. This park is also an awesome place for taking photos. It is the most visited park in the United States. This park is the fifth largest park in the New York city. About 37 million visitors come every year in this park.


So friends I hope you all like this article about “Top 5 best Places to visit in New York”. I also write an article about Top 5 Best Places to Visit Georgia so you can also check this article. Thanks for visiting. For new articles stay tuned with us.


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