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Top 5 Best summer skin care tips


Top 5 Best summer skin care tipsHello friends thanks for landing on that article. As we all know day by day the temperature of our climate get increased, and it is very important for everyone either they are boys or girls to protect their skin from sun rays. So today i am going to tell you about ‘summer skin care tips ‘. 


Top 5 Best summer skin care tips


1. Wash your face daily 

Face wash

Friends as we know pollution is increased day by day, every where is full of dust particles so because of this dust particles a layer of dust formed on our face which reduces the fairness of our face. So we need to wash that layer of dust particles, So select the best face wash from shop which shoots your face. And wash your face daily two times.


2. Use sunscreen on face


Friends sunscreen is important for both boys and girls. Because now a day by day temperature of our climate get increased. And due to the depletion of ozone layer sun rays is directly fall on our skin, which can also cause a skin cancer. So we need to protect our skin from sun ray, so sunscreen is the best option to protect our skin from sun rays because it forms a layer on our skin due to which sun ray doesn’t directly contact on our skin, and our skin gets protected. There are so many sunscreen available in the market like lotus, Patanjali, VLCC, so you can buy any of these according to your skin types.

3. Cover your face 

Covered face

Friends covering your face is very important for both girls and boys. Many boys doesn’t take it seriously they think that only girls can cover their face, boys doesn’t need it. But i want to say only one thing that either they are boys or girls their skin made up of same cell so everyone needs to cover their face whenever they go outside from home..

4. Exfoliation

Face scrubs

Friends exfoliation is very important in summer season. Exfoliation means scrubs your skin, there are so many face scrubs available in the market like everyuth, lotus etc. You can buy any of these. So the benefits of exfoliation is whenever you scrub your face then it removes all your dead cells which are affected by sun rays and new cells grows up.


5. Apply moisturiser on your face daily.


Friends moisturising the face is also very important for everyone. Moisturise keeps our skin smooth and softer. It also makes our skin glowing. It also removes the dry spots from our face. But the main benefits of moisturising face is it makes a protective layer around our skin which act as a barrier against pollutants.


So friends i hope you all like this article about ‘Summer skin care tips’. If you like this article must comment in a comment in a comment box. Previously i also write an article about Effective Natural Ways to Prevent Hair loss so you can also check that article. And for new articles stay tuned with us.


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