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Top 7 health benefits of banana


Top 7 health benefits of banana : Hello friends thanks for landing on that article. Everyone like to eat banana. But I think very few peoples know about it’s Incredible health benefits. So today i am going to share some information about ‘Health benefits of banana’


Health benefits of banana 


1. Banana improves our digestive system 

Banana is one of the best fruits which help in a digestion. It contains fructooligosaccharides which act as a probiotic and helps in the growth of that bacteria which break down our food and convert into a simpler form and helps in digestion. It also contains carbohydrate which are very easily digested.


2. Benefits our skin

Banana contains so many vital nutrients which benefits our skin. Banana is rich in potassium and fatty acid that helps to moisturise our skin. Banana makes our skin soft. You can also banana face mask on your dry skin to make it soft and smooth.


3. Increased our energy level

Banana contains so many vital nutrition and minerals like iron, calcium which gives us energy and increases our energy level. Banana also helps in body building. Every youngster have to eat two banana daily for better body.


4.Lowering blood pressure 

Banana is one of the best food for maintaining blood pressure. It contains potassium which helps to lowering our blood pressure. And it is also proven that daily consumption of banana can lowering our blood pressure very easily.


5. Prevent asthma, cancer and cardiovascular diseases

Banana contains so many minerals and vital nutrients that lowering the risks of asthma and cancer. It also prevent us with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases etc.


6. Protect us from Anaemia 

Banana helps to fight against Anaemia. It contains iron in a high amount which is very important to fight against anaemia. So it is a best fruit fo those who suffer from anaemia.


7. Reduce our stress

Banana contains tryptohan which is converted into serotonin that helps to reduce our stress and also makes our mood happy. So friends if you are in a stress then eat banana.


So friends I hope you all like this article about ” Benefits of banana”. If you have any questions related to this article then must ask in a comment box. Previously I wrote an article on Top 5 health drinks in India so you can also check this article and for new articles stay tuned with us.


  1. Very nice article sir
    I’M diabetees patient than can i eat banana
    Meri body ekdam kamjor ho chuki hai
    Meri age 19 years hai and m jab 9-10 years ka tha tb mujhe sugar hua tha
    This is not fake


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