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Top 5 Google’s Biggest New Gadgets


Top 5 Google’s Biggest New Gadgets : welcome to my an another fresh article of Google biggest new gadgets. For many people in the world, the Internet is started from Google and even if Google provide many important services to the public for free. About 20 trillion are searched across Google, i.e. in one second, Google has 50,000 searches. Google’s daily earnings are more than $ 5 billion. Unless you blink your eye, Google will have earned approximately $ 700 i.e. 50 thousand rupees. Google bought YouTube in 2006, today, 60 minutes of video uploaded to YouTube in 1 minute, you will be surprised to know that in a month YouTube is seen 6 billion hours in the entire world.

Top 5 Google’s Biggest New Gadgets

Google Pixel

Top 5 Google’s Biggest New Gadgets

A few couple of months ago, google launch there own Android smartphone named “Google Pixel”.

Google’s Nexus devices were introduced so that users could use Android OS in pure form. The company’s strategy was to work with a new smartphone developer every year, so that they would not feel as if they were coming out to challenge the market in Google itself. But now everything has changed. Google has become part of this competition. Apart from this, the company has developed some of its customizations in Android which are not currently shared with the rest of the companies.

By the way, all the Nexus phones are handy devices. Apart from this, they were neither too expensive nor too much premium On the other hand, through Google pixels and Google pixel XL, the company has offered its claim in the premium segment market. It would not be wrong to say that Google has already made preparations to challenge Apple. In terms of price, design and branding, it is decided to compare the phones of both brands. It is possible that after this decision the company has lost its Nexus fans. Will he be able to change the mind of the iPhone’s supporters?

Google Assistant

Google assistant

As compared to Shree, Google assistant is best platform for Android users. Google Assistant has now started to understand Hindi as well. This feature is for those Indian users who have kept English as their language preference in their Android device. With this latest decision, Google has now moved one step ahead of Amazon’s Alexa and Apple serial. Please note that both of the voice assistants do not support the Hindi language yet. Let’s say that Hindi port for Google Assistant is not entirely new because Google Alo got Hindi support in December 2016. And Google had also displayed Google Assistant version of Hindi and English language support for Geo Phone in India last month.

Google Chromecast Ultra

Top 5 Google’s Biggest New Gadgets

Google Chromecast can be installed in the TV’s HDMI port. A USB cable is also provided with it. By connecting it to a TV, you can watch YouTube videos on a TV screen through a smartphone or a computer. Apart from this, Netflix, Hulu Plus and Google Play Store can also be used.

Through this you can bring all the contents of the computer’s Chrome browser to the TV screen.

Google Home

Google home

The Google Home is wonderful Google’s gadgets and has a very minimalist, clean, and inconspicuous appearance. The top half is made of white plastic while the bottom is a removable mesh panel covered in fabric. The device is only available in white but the bottom panel can be swapped out to add a splash of personality.

Google WIFI

Google wifi

Google Wifi is a router that optimises Wi-Fi network in the backgroundIn large houses, multiple routers can be connected to avoid weak signalsIt can be managed using the Google Wifi app for Android and iOS devices.

So you are reading now Google’s Biggest New Gadgets. Hope, you find it interesting. If you have any questions regarding this article, contact us. Stay tuned.



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