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Top 5 things to increase the brain power


Top 5 things to increase the brain power: Hello friends thanks for landing on that article. Today i am going to share information about ‘How to increase brain power and memory’. And the process that i am going to share in this article all are scientifically proven. So friends must read this article completely.


How to increase brain power and memory




1. Tratak

I think very few people know about the term ‘Tratak’. Tratak means a type of meditation in which we have to focused on a candle flame or on any small object. There are so many incredible benefits of tratak that will surprised you. Tratak increased our focusing power. I think this will happen with everyone that whenever our teacher teaches us then our eyes on the teacher but by our mind we are on the some another planet because of this we can’t understand any things. This is happen because of lack of focusing and concentration. So if we do tratak daily then we never faces this types of problems. Our focusing and concentration power increased by 10 times. It also increases our eye power.


2. Always write your goals on the paper

I think very very few peoples write their goals on the paper. But it is a very effective method. But many peoples are here who doesn’t have any goals. So friends firstly you have to choose a goals. Try to choose a goals according to your passion. Many successful persons done this and achieve their goals. The scientific region behind it is whenever we write our goals in a paper then it giver us an incredible positive motivation that i can’t explain in words, due to which our brain just concentrate on our goals and our body works towards our goals. It is also scientifically experimented. So friends daily write your goals on a paper.


3. Always try to remember your night dreams

It is a very common for everyone that we saw a dreams in night and after waking up in the morning we forget about everythings of that dream. So we have to just try to remember our dreams. It will increase our memory power, Learning power etc. Many people try this and use its incredible profit.


4. Brush your teeth with opposite hand.

Friends it means you have to start brushing your teeth with that hand that you can’t used. Suppose you used your right hand for brushing then you have used your left hand for brushing. The benefits of it is if you used your your different hand then it gives signal to our brain due to which many parts of our brain became active and it increases our brain power.


5. Take a proper rest

Rest is very important for our brain. Because rest refreshes our brain and gives new energy to our brain. Just like we work continuously on our smart phones then it battery goes dead so we required to charged it as same as we have to also recharge our brain by taking a proper rest.


6. Play complicated games.

It is really a very interesting point because everyone thinks that game just wastage of time. But very few people’s know about it’s benefits. It is scientifically proven that when we play games then we totally concentrated on our game that increases our concentration power. It also increases our thinking level.


So friends I hope you all like this article about ‘How to increase brain power and memory’. Friends must try all this steps it will definitely helps you. And friends also tell me about in which topic you want next article in a comment box. And for new articles stay tuned with us


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