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The inspirational and motivational story of Rajinikanth


The inspirational and motivational story of Rajinikanth: Hello everyone. I think everyone in India had saw the incredible acting of king of south Rajinikanth. But i think very few people know about his real story. So today in my article i am going share every information about Rajinikanth and it will must motivate you.


The inspirational and motivational story of Rajinikanth


Rajinikanth real name his Shivaji Rao Gaekwad. He was born in 12th of December 1950. He was born in a middle class family. His mother name was Jijabai and father name was Ramoji Rao Gaekwad. His father was a police constable and mother was a house wife. During the age of 8 years every thing is normal in his life. But when he became 9 years old his mother was died in 1959 but somehow he completed his school life. Then after it his struggling was started. He done so many small jobs to help the famiy’s income. He can’t get any reputable jobs so due to which he had to do the jobs with very less salary. You can’t believe that the king of South movies Rajinikanth also done the job of collie at one time due to lack of money. Then he also started the job of carpenting. But he had to still suffer with the lack of money. Then at last he got a job of bus conductor in B.T.S (Bangalore transport service). Then his life runs very normally. Rajinikanth had very much interest in an acting. So with his job he also started acting. He done acting as a casually because of his passion. But his family was not supported him in an acting. So that’s why he can’t gave more imprtance to his acting. But he has a very good friend whose name his Raj Bahadur who explained Rajinikanth that follow your passion if you want to do something different. Do that things that you like to do. He advised Rajinikanth that you had to joined Madras film institute. So Rajinikanth joined Madras film institute. Raj bahadur also helped Rajinikanth financially. On that time he is the closest friend of Rajinikanth and now his is known by his best friend.

The Rajinikanth done acting consistently. Then he was noticed by tamil film director balachandra ji. He noticed that this guy has something different. Then after this he get so many different different roles in different films.

At the time of 1980 he became famous. People like him because his acting was excellent. Coming to 1990 he became a successful actor. But after 2000 his many films are flop continuously because of this he had to also face the loss of more than crores. But he can’t gave up. At 2007 Shivaji name movie was released but he dididn expect much from this film but this became blockbuster. He get so many fame from this film. He also get the paid of 26 crores for this films and became one the most highest paid actor. Then after this he gave so many hit movies like robot, lingaa etc. And became the king of South movies.


So friends the main motive of this article is Always do that things that you like to do. Always follow your passion and ability then no one can stop you in getting success.


So friends i hope you all like this article about ‘The inspirational and motivational story of Rajinikanth’. I hope you all get motivated with this article. And friends must comment your views about this article.



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